Inhalers (Asthma & COPD Treatment) Explained Clearly

Understand asthma and COPD inhalers with this concise overview of the “step-up” inhaler treatment for both asthma and COPD. Includes discussion & illustrations on the naming and usage of SABA inhalers (short acting beta agonists – albuterol etc.), LABA inhalers (long acting beta agonists – salmeterol etc.), ICS (inhaled corticosteroids – fluticasone etc.), and LAMAs (long acting … Read more

Asthma Explained Clearly

Understand asthma with this clear medical lecture by Dr. Roger Seheult. Includes discussion and illustrations on asthma pathophysiology, signs and symptoms of asthma, diagnosis, triggers (GERD, postnasal drip, down feathers, etc.), flow volume loops, Samter’s Triad. Video 2 covers a further discussion on the diagnosis of asthma, methacholine challenge test, and stepwise approach for the … Read more