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Patient Members Services

as a HealtLynked patient members you will have access to a number of powerful medical tools to book appointments online, Find specialist in your area, Share medical records easily, go tot the front of the line with our Qwik check mobile check, and save on medical supplies. 

Medical Directory

Find your Doctors in our medical directory of over 880,000 healthcare providers across the US. Looking for a Doctor expertise in a medical Condition? Search our nationwide directory and connect with them via the HealthLynked Network.

Appointment Navigator

Looking to find a doctor in your area? do you need a certain specialist or a same day appointment? Connect to your doctors no matter where you are. 


Want to know how much a procedure is going to cost before you insurance company hits you with a big bill. Cost LYNK provides you a nationwide cost estimator for office visits and procedures by hospital and state. 

Record LYNK

Tried of trying to keep up with all your medical records? Keep them all in one place and share them with the healthcare providers you choose. Never be without important medical information for you or your family.

Qwik Check Check in

No more waiting at the front deck to check in simply sit down and with your mobile device you can check in and skip the line. When the doctor is ready to see you you will get a text message, no more having your name called out in the waiting room.  Once checking in you will have free access to Wi-Fi to make your wait time more enjoyable. 

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Discount Medical Supplies

Purchasing medical supplies has never been easier with over 15,000 name brand products. Home health aids, Blood pressure monitors, Bandages, Catheters, walkers, mask and gloves can all be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. 

COVID-19 Global tracker

COVD-19 has impacted us all and keep on top of the latest cases, talking to others in your area and getting the latest news feeds all help to reduce spread of COVID-19. Participate in the #1 most downloaded app managed by physicians. 

Educational Videos

Over 130 Educational videos on a wide range of medical topics. Create your free account to view our large selection of video content or become a LYNK member for only $10/ year and get access to our entire educational Library.

Co manage family Members

Becoming a healthlynked member not only allows you to take control of your medical information and connect to any doctor across the US, you can connect to your family members and co-manage their care. Keep track of children’s vaccine records, view medical records and help keep older family members on track with their care.

Online Scheduling

On the go and want to connect to your Doctor or book and appointment, Download the HealthLynked Mobile app and book your next appointment from your mobile device. 

Patient Communicator

Coming soon

Connect to your doctor via our secure online chat feature. Get medication refills or  ask a question. Its all done via your mobile device.

Home lab Testing

Coming Soon

Have important lab test performed at home with either a simple finger stick , Urine, or saliva sample.

Screening for high cholesterol, allergy testing, STI’s, thyroid and hormone levels can all be done and reported back to your HealthLynked account.


Coming Soon

Connect to your doctors through our online directory and have a telemedicine appointment in the convenience of your on home. 


Coming Soon

Let ARi keep you on track and be your healthcare quide. ARi (Augmented Realtime Interface) can talk directly to you getting your medical history and keep up updated on upcoming medical screenings of medical concerns that are specific to you.

Connect and Protect

The two most important things in your life are your family and your health. When you become a HealthLynked patient member you are taking a step toward protecting both. Knowing your medical risk, the ability to keep track of your children’s medical information and vaccine records, monitor older relatives to help with care management are all parts of what HealthLynked has to offer. Creating an account is FREE. We are the first global healthcare network and we are here to transform healthcare for everyone. Rest comfortably knowing your information is secure and we don’t share your information.

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HealthLynked's global Healthcare network

Create your FREE profile, connect to your doctors and have one place for all your medical information. 

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Let ARi be your personal healthcare assistance. She can review your medical history, keep you updates on routine medical care and keep you on track with your appointments. If something new happens with a medication your on or new medical information relevant to you ARi can let you know. 

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Discount Medcial supplies

Select from over 15,000 name brand medical supplies at significant savings. LYNKED members receive additional discounts. 

Become a Lynked Member and Save

Let your friends and family know to create their HealthLynked healthcare profiles for free.

Patient Member

  • Create your free healthcare Profile
  • Connect to your Doctors
  • have all your medical records in one location
  • Co manage the healthcare of close friends and family members

Lynked Member

$ 10/yr
  • Get extra data storage
  • Access all our educational content at HealthLynked University
  • Extra savings on name brand medical Supplies
  • Save on name brand medical Supplies